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Rittenhouse Communications Group & Sean Edwards featured in Fortune – 7/30/2022

Sean Edwards and the team at Rittenhouse Communications Group are always on the leading edge of the technology sector. This is why it should come as no shock that Fortune Magazine recently featured Sean Edwards and RCG. In the profile, Fortune Magazine details Sean’s experience within the technology sector as well as RCG’s unique value proposition to potential clients. While RCG has experience developing and deploying technology for a wide range of applications, the Fortune article shines a spotlight on the proptech solutions for mixed use and multifamily development.

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Sean Edwards & RCG Provide Unique Advantages to Philadelphia Stakeholders – 6/27/2022

Normally, the technology integration project workflow starts with a bidding system based on outlines from other vendors. While uniformity like this makes for easier comparison and decision making, it can leave a rigid framework for a firm to fill. This can result in technology integration solutions which do not fit the exact needs of the project, or are unable to scale with the changing needs of the project. The strength of Rittenhouse Communications, and President Sean Edwards, is their fully customized process which results in a perfectly molded technology solution to a particular project.

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RCG x NVT Phybridge Partnership – 5/14/2022

Rittenhouse Communications Group has partnered with NVT Phybridge to help our customers simplify the digital transformation process with more secure networks and cost-effective IT solutions. By integrating NVT Phybridge products and solutions, we can eliminate the technical barriers of IP modernization to upconvert our clients’ aging analog infrastructure to a fully IP solution.

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Ask Sean Edwards: Why Choose Rittenhouse Communications Group? – 5/02/2022

Providing end-to-end solutions with the convenience of a single point of contact, Rittenhouse Communications Group is a leading smart building company. Assisting customers with structured cabling, access control, security cameras and much more; Rittenhouse Communications Group’s expertise crosses verticals to provide an all-in-one solution for your prop technology needs. Rittenhouse Communications Group has one goal in mind, to provide white-glove, best in class service to its customers.

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