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Why Choose Rittenhouse Communications Group?

Providing end-to-end solutions with the convenience of a single point of contact, Rittenhouse Communications Group is a leading smart building company. Assisting customers with structured cabling, access control, security cameras and much more; Rittenhouse Communications Group’s expertise crosses verticals to provide an all-in-one solution for your prop technology needs. Rittenhouse Communications Group has one goal in mind, to provide white-glove, best in class service to its customers.


President of Rittenhouse Communications Group, Sean Edwards, has decades of experience in the smart technology industry which helps to fuel innovative work done at Rittenhouse Communications Group. “We make the complex simple for multifamily builders, building owners, and property managers,” says president Sean Edwards. “Our clients come to us with a blank slate, and we design, deploy, and support custom-tailored tech that fits their vision.” Understanding and communication are pillars of the process perfected by Sean Edwards at Rittenhouse Communications Group. By understanding the end-goal of the client, Rittenhouse Communications Group develops a comprehensive plan using technology from multiple verticals to meet the exact need of a particular client’s operation.


The innovation center at Rittenhouse Communication Group is where the expertise held by the group is on full display. Within this innovation center, collaboration between experienced engineers occurs with client service, field support and project management teams as the Rittenhouse Communications Group experts implement services on-site.


“We bring every vertical together in-house to deliver truly unified boutique technology solutions for clients. But most importantly, we provide everything in a package engineered to function flawlessly,” says Edwards. “We’re network-focused, so we design solid infrastructure first before layering technology on top.”


Rittenhouse Communication Group’s goal as a building automation company is to be more than a one-off develop and deploy service provider. Instead, Sean Edwards has developed a full-service technology partner who ensures that your business technology and infrastructure are able to grow and scale with the changing needs of your business. Sean has been quoted as saying, “Everything we provide is flexible and future ready. Whether clients have one property or 100, our systems can scale with their growth.”


Rittenhouse Communications Group, and President Sean Edwards, aims to provide peace-of-mind that your technology will continue to operate flawlessly without the need for a full-time in-house technologist. By providing quality testing, ongoing training and 24/7 dedicated support, Rittenhouse Communications Group ensures the proper support of your technology infrastructure following the initial deployment and development.


The experienced team at Rittenhouse Communications Group is dedicated to providing clients with customized boutique prop technology solutions which bring a higher level of control and efficiency to your organization. The best way to understand the Rittenhouse Communications Group difference is to experience it for yourself!

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