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About Sean Edwards

Sean Edwards is the president of Rittenhouse Communications Group. Rittenhouse Communications Group’s goal and Sean’s mission is, through a seamless process, to provide clients with an integrated technology package which meets each of their goals and needs. Relying on his decades of experience, Sean Edwards has been able to successfully deliver these packages to a wide range of clients throughout the Mid Atlantic.


RCG President – Sean Edwards


As the president of Rittenhouse Communications Group, Sean Edwards is acutely aware of the importance which communication plays in being able to deliver a technology package which matches to the needs of each individual client. As Sean has said, “Our clients come to us with a blank slate”, many builders, owners and project managers do not know exactly which technology will most align with the needs of their project. Fortunately, Sean’s depth of experience allows for a level of understanding which results in a technology package perfectly suited for the organization’s needs.


Sean Edward’s commitment to providing a technology package which is custom tailor to an organization’s needs also means being agile to adjust with evolving technologies. Sean has been quoted as saying, “Everything we provide is flexible and future ready. Whether clients have one property or 100, our systems can scale with their growth.” Whether it is evolving technology or your evolving organization, RCG and Sean are ready to help you navigate an ever changing landscape as your building automation company.


Key to this process is the internal design and engineering teams at Rittenhouse Communications Group. It is not just Sean Edwards providing these custom tailor solutions to clients, but a team of engineers working in collaboration. This team not only provides clients with a high quality solution from the beginning while also improving and scaling with the changing needs of the client. This is just one of the many reasons to choose Rittenhouse Communications Group for your smart building project. Connect with Sean Edwards on LinkedIn for more information!


Outside of the office, Sean Edwards is also extremely active in the community. Sean has been involved in multiple philanthropic efforts in the art, public safety and quality of life areas. What fuels Sean’s philanthropic efforts is the ideal of giving back to the community that you serve can only create stronger outcomes for all individuals.

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