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Rittenhouse Communications Group & Sean Edwards featured in Fortune

Sean Edwards and the team at Rittenhouse Communications Group are always on the leading edge of the technology sector. This is why it should come as no shock that Fortune Magazine recently featured Sean Edwards and RCG. In the profile, Fortune Magazine details Sean’s experience within the technology sector as well as RCG’s unique value proposition to potential clients. While RCG has experience developing and deploying technology for a wide range of applications, the Fortune article shines a spotlight on the proptech solutions for mixed use and multifamily development.


When the topic of user experience is discussed in technology, in most discussions the topic centers around B2C customers and the challenges they may face. However, user experience is also crucial within the B2B space. This focus on user experience has been a cornerstone of Rittenhouse Communication Group’s mission. As Sean detailed in the article within Fortune Magazine, “We make the complex simple for multifamily builders, building owners, and property managers,” says president Sean Edwards. “Our clients come to us with a blank slate, and we design, deploy, and support custom-tailored tech that fits their vision.” Many stakeholders are unaware of the technology which will best suit their location’s needs not only today, but into the future. This is where the value of Rittenhouse Communications Group’s user experience is on display. By providing end-to-end solutions, Sean Edwards and the Rittenhouse Communications Group team are able to design a technology solution which matches the needs of the location today as well as having the capability to scale and present new technologies.


In the article published in Fortune, Sean is asked about RCG’s ability to provide value to multifamily owners and managers, “Property management companies don’t typically have technologists on-hand to support their systems,” he says, “we provide thorough quality testing, ongoing training, and 24/7 dedicated support.” Sean uniquely understands reliability and efficiency are two of the main demands to being successful within the multi family space. Stakeholders can rest assured their technology systems have a team of subject matter experts standing behind it ready to assist. Sean also understands the need to be able to adjust and scale with changing technologies, “Whether clients have one property or 100, our systems can scale with their growth.”


Rittenhouse Communications Group and Sean Edwards are leaders in the proptech world. This is why Fortunate Magazine featured Rittenhouse Communications Group’s expertise and the unique value which they are able to bring to their clients. RCG and Sean Edwards have demonstrated consistently their ability to deliver unmatched technology services to their multi family clients. While there are nearly endless technology solutions which Rittenhouse Communications Group is able to develop and deploy based on the needs of the organization, Sean puts it best in describing exactly what Rittenhouse Communications Group does for its clients, “We make buildings smarter, safer, and more connected.”