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Sean Edwards & RCG Provide Unique Advantages to Philadelphia Stakeholders

Normally, the technology integration project workflow starts with a bidding system based on outlines from other vendors. While uniformity like this makes for easier comparison and decision making, it can leave a rigid framework for a firm to fill. This can result in technology integration solutions which do not fit the exact needs of the project, or are unable to scale with the changing needs of the project. The strength of Rittenhouse Communications, and President Sean Edwards, is their fully customized process which results in a perfectly molded technology solution to a particular project. As a boutique technology integration firm, RCG is perfectly positioned to develop end-to-end technology solutions which are agile enough to change with developing technologies. Since Rittenhouse Communication Group’s inception Sean Edwards has ensured attention to detail and industry leading technology are hallmarks of what they do.


Throughout their years of experience Sean Edwards and Rittenhouse Communications Group have developed technology solutions for a wide range of project types including multifamily, hospitality and mixed use commercial locations. Over this time, Rittenhouse Communications Group has developed and delivered cutting-edge technology solutions for each of the project types listed above. Based on this experience, Sean Edwards has RCG perfectly positioned to adjust to future changes in technology, enabling clients to stay ahead of the technology curve.


From the beginning of the process, Sean Edwards and RCG focus on understanding the exact needs of a particular project. By establishing this understanding from the start, RCG is enabled to design and develop a technology solution which maximizes efficiency and ease of use for stakeholders. Sean Edwards has designed a process which enables stakeholders in Philadelphia, and beyond, to achieve a technology integration which fits a project’s needs perfectly.


Below outlines the phases of a technology integration project, all of which are crucial in determining and executing the best technology solution possible.

Discovery Phase
Design Phase
Procure Phase
Deploy Phase
Quality Test Phase
Train Client Phase

The discovery and design phases of a technology integration process go hand-in-hand. During the discovery phase Sean Edwards and the team at RCG communicate extensively with stakeholders to ensure they fully understand the needs of the project today and how those needs may change over time. Whether in the city of Philadelphia, or elsewhere in the mid-Atlantic, the design phase of the project is one of the most crucial. During this phase Sean Edwards and the team utilize the information learned during the discovery phase to develop a custom-tailored technology solution. This solution is developed by applying a number of technology options from a wide selection within the Rittenhouse Communications Group portfolio.


The procurement and deployment phases similarly go hand-in-hand to the discovery and design phases. Procurement is much more crucial than many would anticipate. By owning the procurement process, RCG ensures that everything ordered matches that of the final design. Once procurement is completed and double checked for accuracy, Sean Edwards and the team begin the deployment phase. Using only certified installations technicians, Rittenhouse Communications Group ensures not only the highest quality materials, but also the highest quality installers.


After installation, a final quality test is completed to ensure all of the technology functions seamlessly and as designed. If all of these tests are successfully completed, RCG begins the train client phase. During this phase not only is in-depth training provided, but as-built drawings are also provided. This allows clients to best understand their technology system and how to access them.


Whether in Philadelphia, or elsewhere in the mid-Atlantic, you can rely on Sean Edwards and the Rittenhouse Communications Group to offer you the best in custom tailored technology solutions. With years of experience in deploying technology solutions across project types, Rittenhouse Communications Group has been able to fine tune a process which results in flawless technology solutions for end users. The custom nature of the solutions provided by RCG ensures that your project’s technology needs are met by the solution developed. For those in Philadelphia and beyond, Rittenhouse Communications Group is a leading choice for custom develop technology integration solutions.